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For your own responsibility to adhere to these terms for the choice of option and when nothing prevents still less that he may please the most of all we may be able to do, every pleasure is to be welcomed and every pain avoided. But in certain circumstances and the duty or the obligations of business it will frequently occur that pleasures have to be repudiated and annoyances accepted.

Special 2 Plan

  • Disk space2 Gb
  • Monthly transfer10 Gb
  • FTP accountsUn Limited
  • Email boxesUn Limited
  • Free domains1
PKR 2,500 p/y

Special 4 Plan

  • Disk space4 Gb
  • Monthly transfer20 Gb
  • FTP accountsUn Limited
  • Email boxesUn Limited
  • Free domains1
4,500 p/y

Special 6 Plan

  • Disk space6 Gb
  • Monthly transfer30 Gb
  • FTP accountsUn Limited
  • Email boxesUn Limited
  • Free domains1
6,500 p/y

Special 10 Plan

  • Disk space10 Gb
  • Monthly transfer50 Gb
  • FTP accountsUnlimited
  • Email boxesUnlimited
  • Free domains1
10,500 p/y


Ideal Solutions

Component development
Component based software development (CBSD) focuses on building large software systems by integrating previously existing software components. By enhancing the flexibility and maintainability of systems, this approach can potentially be used to reduce software development costs, assemble systems rapidly, and reduce the spiraling maintenance burden associated with the support and upgrade of large systems. Component-based systems encompass both commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) products and components acquired through other means, such as non-developmental items (NDIs). AD-Solz offers development services to information technology companies for most of the popular technologies and platforms including C++, Java, J2EE, ActiveX, Visual Basic, COM/COM+/DCOM, PHP and .NET

XML applications
XML is a universal language for data on the Web that lets developers deliver content from a wide variety of applications to the desktop. XML promises to standardize the way information is searched for, exchanged, adaptively presented, and personalized. Data such as customer information, credit card transactions, purchase orders, and fulfillment requests can be converted to XML and shared across applications without changing legacy systems. AD-Solz uses XML for its solutions for o Data transfer, distribution & publication of data. o Offline/online data synchronization o Platform-independent protocols for the exchange of data o Automatic processing after receipt of information o Display information the way it is desired o Metadata -- data about information -- that will help people find information and help information producers and consumers find each other.

Out Sourcing Driven by the changing business scenarios, outsourcing over the years has changed from a mere cost-cutting option to a complete array of new Qualitative advantages: Time-to-Market Offshore takes advantage of time zone differences through efficient deployment of 2nd and 3rd shifts, speeding up the deployment of new applications and technology Quality Leading offshore providers utilize extremely disciplined approaches and methodologies that often exceeds those used for work done on-site Availability of Resources We have an Access to highly skilled talent with training in the latest technologies. Cost Reduction Scalability of resources across the system development life-cycle and the ability to shift lower value work to less expensive offshore resources. Depending on your strategic business advantages, looking for global sectional or transitional outsourcing options, the schematic flow below represents the conceptual approach.

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